Compliance Packs - everything under one roof

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork!These days, venues and other regulatory bodies worldwide are requiring professional, site-specific documentation from you and your clients. To help you plan, we have introduced an annual fee for a single brand or client, meaning you can forget about:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement
  • Sustainability Compliance
  • Fire Risk Assessment
For a simple one-off fee, you can ensure that you and your client comply worldwide at up to 5 events. Need more? Look at the Silver Compliance Pack...
Perfect for any business where you are handling up to 5 clients and are too busy getting on with the 'day job' to spend time on the essential compliance that is always involved with creating effective exhibition stands. You get all the benefits of the Silver Compliance pack, plus some additional great features:
  • Bronze-level compliance for up to 5 clients
  • Sustainability planning audit for your business - key to finding new business in the modern event world
  • A dedicated contact at AbraxysGlobal to manage your compliance
For a simple one-off fee, you can ensure that you and up to 5 clients comply at up to 5 events (each)worldwide. Simply want to hand it all over to someone else and get on with the parts of your business that you know best? Time to take a look at the Gold Compliance Pack...
Your chance to pass over the health & safety reins to the professionals. Offering all the benefits offered by the Bronze and Silver packages, the Gold package adds to the number of clients and shows for a fraction of what it might cost to hire a health and safety professional directly. Additional benefit include:
  • 24 hr document turnaround (subject to you providing us with the information required)
  • Dedicated account manager and access to 24hr advice
  • Safety audit and report for your premises and compliance documentation (outside the UK, travel and accommodation are charged additionally at cost)
  • Up to 5 required SPI payments included (worth up to £1000 alone)
  • Advice in the case you receive Observation, Improvement or Prohibition notices at events
If you are too busy looking after your business, yet need to know that you comply, then the Gold Compliance Pack is perfect for you. Larger business and need a complete health and safety solution? Time to consider the Platinum Compliance Pack...